Second Looks for Grooms

Groom in metallic designed suit

Prepping for your wedding day and looking for ways to elevate your style game? We’ve got the details for you. Making everyone do a double-take with second looks for grooms and bold style options continues to sizzle. Playing it safe with your big-day has cooled off.

Changing your ensemble after the wedding ceremony and before the cocktail hour isn’t just for the brides anymore. Dashing grooms like you are now following suit and going bold with a flashy, dapper second look that’ll complement their partner’s vibe.

The Second Look Vibe

When wedding ceremonies take place in more traditional settings like churches, fancy venues, or historic estates, the ceremony look should adhere to a more elegant and refined fashion. While the second look outfit option is really the time for your personality to shine!

If you and your partner were butting heads on the wedding day vibe, this is the perfect compromise. Two different looks will round out your wedding day style and let your guests know how fashion-focused you are.

Here are some occasions jackets and styles for you.

Man in eggplant velvet suit with bride
Man in eggplant velvet suit

Velvet Jackets

Ideal for winter weddings and formal events, velvet jackets make for the perfect second look attire. With various colors to choose from, you will find the jacket that’ll speak to you. Give off authority in burgundy, be playful in dusty rose pink, look suave in black embossed, capture that something blue aspect in cobalt, or look like a king in eggplant.

You just need charisma, class, style, and a dash of daring nature to pull these looks off. But that sounds like you, right, boss?

Man in blue velvet suit with bride

Metallic & Paisley Jackets

Shimmer, shine, and radiate happiness in a metallic jacket. Undeniably flashy in nature, metallic jackets like our River – Black Metallic Jacket, Milan – Black Metallic Tuxedo, Winston – Blue Metallic Jacket, and Chase – Asphalt Paisley Tuxedo are flawless for showing off your wild side for when your formal wedding takes that turn toward a little informal.

Are you feeling electric? Make one of these styles your second look.

groom in metallic sheen suit
Man in blue paisley suit
Man in blue paisley suit

Smoking Jacket Inspired

Picture this, you’ve just gotten married, and now you’re at your reception sipping your favorite beverage, about to light up a celebratory cigar dressed in our versatile Austin Diamond Jacket with its raised weave fabric polished by a stain shawl label. The ultimate second look jacket, which is known for its status as a smoking and dinner jacket. It just sounds right, right? We know. We love a little cross-functionality, too. It goes a long way.

Or turn heads in other specialty jackets that align with your wedding day vibe. Whether it’s a semi-formal or formal event, these specialty jackets will give you maximum comfort and style.

Must haves to execute this second look? Be bold in nature and ready to show off your individuality. Don’t worry. We know that spells Y O U.

Man in white suit jacket
Austin Diamond Jacket

Big picture? Think about it – second looks for grooms is an investment beyond a wedding day because they can be used for a variety of life’s celebrations.

Don’t stop at the jacket, though. Make sure to consider additional accessories too. Second looks can just be an easy jacket change, but it can also be a whole production if you want it to be. Go crazy! Find a daring tie, new pocket squares, cufflinks, belts, and clip ties too.

Still, need help figuring out which second look jacket to wear on your big day? Don’t worry! We outfit life’s most significant events with the winning combinations of trend-right fashion, perfect fits, and unparalleled service for our customers. Schedule your boutique experience, and our Style and Fit Experts will help curate the right vibe for you!

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