Congratulations, your group is now registered and one step closer to earning $10 back on every code redeemed! Your next move is to download the DIGITAL TOOLKIT.

Tools you will find with your code include:

  • Ready-to-share social media content
  • Text ready messaging
  • An ad for your school’s e-bulletin, group e-newsletter, or email
  • Specially scripted messaging for school announcements
  • Downloadable poster with a QR code
  • Flyer with a QR code

Download our social media toolkit to help spread the news about your group fundraising code to help students save up to $60 off their prom rental.

Ways to use your tools once they’re downloaded


Download the poster and add in your code at the bottom before printing.

Instagram Post

Facebook Post

Twitter Post

Text Message


Snapchat Story

Instagram Story

TikTok Card

Sample Messaging:

Want to help us raise the roof this year for prom? Use our code XXXX and receive up to $60 off your entire prom outfit PLUS you will be helping to raise money for our group. Dapper & Dashing is giving back $10 for every code redeemed! They offer a variety of colors, patterns, and styles with new looks too.

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