Must-Have Checklist for Dressing Your Wedding Party Roles

Trust us; you’ll want a comprehensive, cohesive look amongst those with wedding party roles for your big day. The proof is in the pictures!

You don’t want to show up to your formal-ish wedding to find one usher in khakis and the other in dark denim because you didn’t think to include them in your wedding day must-dress list. The lack of unified style will create awkwardness on your big day AND whenever you pull out your wedding album.

Save your future self the embarrassment. Check out our quick and easy checklist for you and your partner to consider when deciding who to dress for your wedding party.

Must-Have Wedding Party Roles Checklist

Who you’ll need to dress:
▢  Best Man
▢  Groomsmen
▢  Ring Bearer
▢  Father of the Bride
▢  Father of the Groom
▢  Grandfathers
▢  Ushers

You may also want to consider:
▢  Man of Honor
▢  Officiant
▢  Candle Lighters
▢  Chuppah Carriers

Now that you’ve considered who you’ll need to include in your wedding day fit guide, let’s consider your wedding vibe. As we all know, the stamp of our era is all around us, in our fashion sense. Temporary fads and trends will become the telltale sign in your photos a decade from now.  

Take our advice if you want to stray a bit from the full cohesive look while not being a total walking time capsule.





Make sure the groom still stands out. 
Look into accessory options and a suit color that’s unique but complementary among the group to keep all eyes on the groom.


Build a color story. 
Choose a complimentary color blend like “blues and greys” as a party in various tones of tan, grey, black, and blue is unlikely to look put together.


Maintain the level of formality. 
One guy rocking a tuxedo while another is donning suspenders sans jacket will look like people misunderstood the assignment. The groomsmen, the fathers, and the ushers should still look like they’re attending the same wedding.


But above all – keep your wedding vibe true to your personal style, and work with our expert stylists to help achieve a timeless, cohesive look. We want you to always look back on your big day with a smile.

Ready to get the show on the road and lock in your entire wedding party’s outfits? We’ve got you. We dress life’s most significant events with winning combinations of trend-right fashion, perfect fits, and unparalleled service. Schedule your boutique experience, so our stylists will help curate the right vibe

Our boutiques carry an assortment of suits, tuxedo styles in various colors, and patterned jackets. When deciding, make sure the fabrics for these fits are in line with the season of your wedding. If your wedding is in the summer, don’t swelter in a wool or flannel suit or tux. Make sure the fabrics and styles make sense.

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