Know Your Wedding Roles: Dapper Edition

Congratulations on your recent engagement!

Now, it’s time to start planning! One of the more weighty tasks to cross off your big day to-do list will be picking your wedding party and assigning wedding roles. We suggest doing this early on in your planning process so you can build a support system that will help make your wedding a success.

Let’s touch on the wedding roles for the groom’s side and their responsibilities:

wedding party portrait

Best Man

He’s your right-hand man! The best man is the one that’ll help you and keep you organized throughout planning your wedding. They’re often the ones to keep groomsmen on task and plan the bachelor party. So you’ll want to choose a pal that’s responsible. One you’ll trust to carry the wedding bands at the ceremony, and one that won’t give away your most embarrassing secrets during their Best Man speech.


These guys have the perfect gig. They have less responsibility than everyone involved in the wedding, and they get to party the most. The average wedding party has 3-5 groomsmen, so pick 3-5 of your best buds that have your back and would enjoy the day!

groomsmen, best man
groomsmen getting ready
wedding party portrait

Mother of the Groom

Tasks for mom may differ, but she’ll be there for love, support, a dance, and a tearful yet cheerful toast.

Father of the Groom

Historically, responsibilities for dad fall on covering the reception bar tab and the rehearsal dinner. He can take a break from writing checks to help the ushers greet your guests too!


Usually, these roles are for extended family members who didn’t quite cut it on the wedding party list. It’s a straightforward job that requires greeting and seating guests, but be sure to select people that will take it seriously. Someone needs to help granny down the aisle, and it better be the reliable cousin to do it, right? 

wedding party portrait

Ring Bearer or Flower Girl

Typically, these roles are reserved for children in the family that are within the toddler age to 8-year-olds. Their duties include carrying the symbolic rings or showering flower petals down the aisle as the ceremony begins. But, their primary responsibility is to bring the adorableness factor to your big day.

ring bearer and bride
ringbearer and groomsmen
ring bearer
bride and groom with ring bearer

Now that you know your wedding roles, it’s time to decide on the perfect style. Need to dress your entire wedding party? We’ve got you. We outfit life’s most significant events with the winning combinations of trend-right outfits, perfect fits, and unparalleled service. Schedule your boutique experience, so our stylists will help curate the right vibe!

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