How to Make Bold Moves

So you’re trying to find your wedding day vibe, but you’re not sure what’s out there besides the classic black tux look. We’re glad you’re here. Don’t get us wrong. It’s not that traditional styles are necessarily boring. They just aren’t daring. Turn heads by making bold moves with grooms-wear for you and your groomsmen! Ready to coordinate with some serious inspiration? Here are some tips to consider first.

Groom and groomsmen portrait | How to Make Bold Moves


Wedding Formality

You want to stick to a cohesive vibe throughout. So you’ll need to consider how formal or informal you plan to be. Take into account your wedding location and the bridal party’s fashion. Is your bride going to wear a ballgown at your traditional church wedding? Then you and your groomsmen should match that level of formality. This still rings true if the energy of the wedding is more relaxed. Don’t wear a tuxedo while your crew is dressed so casually that they’re not even wearing a jacket.

Wedding party | How to Make Bold Moves
bride and groom in velvet pink jacket | How to Make Bold Moves
Groom in velvet blazer with bride and bridesmaids | How to Make Bold Moves


Wedding Day Palette​

Just because you may be straying from a traditional tuxedo look, be sure everyone’s still staying true to the wedding day colors. If you are going for an informal vibe, doing this will ensure that the groomsmen will also stand out from the guests while showing their personalities with slightly different fits.


Style Variety​

Make sure the style of suit or tux, color combos, and fit are cohesive amongst the group. But also consider mixing and matching ties and bow ties to add spirit and reflect each groomsmen’s personality!

bride and groom with wedding party | How to Make Bold Moves
Two grooms holding hands | How to Make Bold Moves


Go Bold (But Stay In Season)

Our boutiques carry an assortment of suits, tuxedo styles in various colors, and patterned jackets. When deciding, make sure the fabrics for these fits are in line with the season of your wedding. If your wedding is in the summer, don’t swelter in a wool or flannel suit or tux. Make sure the fabrics and styles make sense.
Groom in bold blue jacket | How to Make Bold Moves
groom in bold paisley tuxedo | How to Make Bold Moves

Check out our suave yet relaxed combinations

Groom posing for photo | How to Make Bold Moves

Grey and Black
These versatile colors that fit most color schemes.

Burgundy and Black
Steal the show in a rich wine color.

Blue Metallic and Black
Step into the wild side with this bold choice.

White and Black
Dress in this look, and you’ll cause a stir.

Navy and Blue
This color combo is a perfect informal grooms-wear look.

Other Trendy Jacket Options
Rose velvet, blue paisley, Carson dot, blue plaid, and more!

Groom in bold suit | How to Make Bold Moves
We outfit life’s most significant events with the winning combinations of trend-right fashion, perfect fits, and unparalleled service for our customers. Schedule your boutique experience, and our stylists will help you find the right vibe for you!
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