How to Jazz Up Your Look For Prom

ladies, it’s time to get into formation and make a statement at prom!

One of the most exciting and memorable nights of your life is finally here. PROM. It’s a little daunting, but it also should be one of the best nights of your life, so take a deep breath and have fun! The fun starts with picking out a look that you want to dance the night away in. Let’s say you prefer a sequined show-stopper, or maybe you’re looking to branch out and choose to wear a classic black suit instead. Whatever you do, you do you! Prom has no limitations, come as you are and be yourself. Here are some of our ways you can jazz up your prom look and be #PromAF.

 dresses for days

The best and most statement piece of all surrounding prom is, you name it…your outfit. Nothing is more dapper and dashing than a look that you love and feel most comfortable in on your special evening. Jazz up your look by opting for a gown that is an absolute number. Beyond bold and bright colors, look out for these often-overlooked features, especially if you’re choosing a more muted color for your look. These three looks below are from our private Allure Madison James Collection line.

 A unique neckline or back detailing

Women in black dress with back detailing
Pictured wearing Madison James

Distinctive dress structure, like a one-shoulder or corset bustier

Women wearing corset bustier style dress

An unusual fabric (like this right velvet number in the photowhich is so in right now!)

women wearing velvet dress
Pictured wearing Madison James

dapper & dashing offers a selection of elevated and trendy looks fit for every unique individual. You can find more Prom Dress inspiration on our Pinterest.

Let’s say you’re reading this and you’ve already got your dress picked out, however you’re feeling like something is missing from your look and it is only a few days (or hours!) before prom.

Here are some easy ways to fix that:

make a bold statement

Model wearing blue dress
Pictured wearing Sydneys Closet

A classic and easy way to jazz up your look: try a bold eye or lip that compliments (or contrasts) the color of your dress! Your dress will be the focus, but a bold lip or eye will immediately intensify your look. Note: you can never go wrong with a smoky eye look! Bring it all together from top to bottom by pairing your nails to a similar color, or even add on a unique design to add a personal touch!


let’s get creative

This is for the more experimental prom-goer, but if you want to vamp up your old high heels and make it more romantic and feminine, consider transforming your boring heels into a satin ribbon heel-wrap. Purchase some 2-inch ribbon from your local art show and hot glue it to the inner mid-side of the heel. Crisscross around your ankles and wrap it enough times to secure the ribbon and tie a bow!

If you’re not feeling as adventurous, pair your look with some sparkly shoes (we’d say it’s just as adventurous!)  

flower child

Consider adding real flowers to your hair if you’re going for a boho vibe. Style your hair as a loose bun or braids and incorporate the flowers with pins and some hairspray. With some baby’s breath or small dainty stems, you’ve essentially become a flower child. If flowers are not your thing (or you have major allergies), try adding temporary gems or washable glitter for some added glam! Stick to your roots or front side parts for just a sprinkle of glam.


prom squad…check

You are most likely going with a group of your best buddies, why not follow a theme or styled look? Who says jazzing up your look only comes from you alone? Vibe off your best gals and pals- it’s 2020, let’s lift each other up! Match complimentary colors and styles with your friends. As they say, the best thing in life comes in pairs (or groups)! 

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