10 Tips For Wearing A Tuxedo

how to wear a tuxedo properly and look good doing it

In a room of crowded people, you can’t help but notice a sleek and luxe tuxedo. One man that quite possibly does it better than any other man on screen is the 007 agent himself– Bond. James Bond. But how does Bond transform a mundane piece of garment into the quintessential and simply refined highest standard of men’s attire? We highlight 10 tips for wearing a tuxedo to its best fit in 007 fashion.

  1. shoulder fit is crucial. If you’re going the extra mile to wear tuxedos opposed to a suit, you have the due diligence to finding a tux that fits you well. Believe us when we say it’s worth sacrificing a little comfort to have a fitted look. Big and loose is not for formal attire.
  2. sleeve check! Your coat sleeves should be slightly shorter than your shirt sleeves to allow for a touch of shirt cuff to be exposed as your hands are by your side. Never judge your sleeve length by raising your arms in front of you (unless, of course, you’re planning on walking around like that).
  3. tuxedo trousers are never cuffed. Tuxedo trousers should have a slight break on top of the shoe. You don’t want your socks showing, but you also don’t want your pants dragging on the ground or bunching up on top of your shoes. Think clean form and cuts.
  4. consider a tapered tuxedo shirt. This allows for a more tailored appearance when the jacket is removed. Since your shirt is at the core of the tuxedo, it will be one of the first things people notice. A tapered shirt will polish your look altogether.
  5. consider your options for below the tuxedo jacket. You have the option to bare it all with just a tuxedo shirt, or include a cummerbund or low-cut vest underneath. It is becoming more modern nowadays to just wear a tuxedo shirt, but if you want to go the extra mile, these are classy options. If your shirt is not tapered, as suggested above, a Cummerbund or vest helps to hide the bunching up shirt fabric that usually accumulates in the mid-waist area.

  1. shirt collars are intended to fit snug at the neck. A loose collar looks sloppy and tends to make your tie appear farther away from your neck than it should. Wingtip shirt collars appear pointier and are more formal than a laydown collar. If you are opting for a more modern look, a laydown collar is a way to go. However, either may be worn with a bow tie and is based on preference.
  2. patent shoes are the finest way to finish the look of your tuxedo. They’re formal and without them, it’s like a fancy car without the shiny rims. Would Bond wear anything less of that?
  3. utilize your breast pocket on your tuxedo jacket, it’s there for a reason. It’s home to the pocket square and without them, jackets look empty. Avoid experimenting with too many bold colors. Pairing your tuxedo with a classic black or white color, you can’t go wrong.
  4. for accessories, cuff links are formal jewelry and should always be worn on your tuxedo shirt. Not only do they really pull a tuxedo look together, but it also adds a personal touch. Often, many opt to wear a wristwatch in addition.
  5. there are never belt loops on a tuxedo pant. If there are, it’s not a true tuxedo pant. This goes back to ensuring that your tuxedo from top to bottom, fit you well. Especially if you plan on movin’ and groovin’ on the dance floor, the only option for support are suspenders.

Tuxedos are a rarity these days, but if you are committed to dressing the part and looking as suave and dashing as James Bond (minus flying through the air), we commend and encourage you. Browse our versatile tuxedo options here. What is your favorite James Bond tuxedo look?

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